from wikipedia, you will read that Arabs are "only" 20% of the total Israel population, it is sounds too bad already, but what if I tell you, that the reality is far worse.

the 20% number refer only to Israeli Arabs, and even then, I don't believe any data from wikipedia, nor I believe any data from Central Bureau of Statistics, as they were proven to be filthy liars, so I trust my own eyes the most, and from what I see with my own eyes, Arabs and bedouins are infested everywhere, and that is even without the "Palestinian" Arabs, and the "Palestinians" Arabs are also infested in my country, so only the Israeli Arabs are around 50% of the Israeli demographic, of course I never thought all Arabs are evil, or subhumans, there is almost always exceptions to any rule, but there is very obvious demographic trend regarding the Arab race, as a race they are subhumans, even if there are many exceptions, so I really don't care about the Arabs who are exception to the rule, because it is a whole package deal, you can't have one without the other, I must get rid of the Arab tumors, even at the "cost" of removing some healthy cells\Arabs from our nation, and Arabs are not the only trouble we have, we also have large amount of Africans refugee or African immigrants, that once again, the Central Bureau of Statistics lie about their real number, and as for the ultra orthodox Jews, don't believe the lies in the media, the vast majority of the Jews, which include the vast majority of the secular Jews, love the ultra orthodox Jews, and not feel threaten by them in any way, they are my brothers and sisters, unlike the Arabs and the African "refugee", the only ones who labeled them as a demographic threat are very tiny group of Israeli Jews traitors, fifth column


although the Israeli Jewish traitors are very tiny percent of our overall population, unfortunately they hold the most powerful and influential key positions in our society, and especially the supreme court(Israel is in fact a dictatorship of the supreme court), they all have dual citizenship, and they are represent the interest of our worst enemies, they seek to annihilate Israel as Jewish state, and even dared to say openly that they want the Arabs to be the majority of Israel population, they are autoantisemitic, corrupted and nasty traitors,  and they made a lot of money from foreign funds to subvert our nation, and they are also the ones responsible for the false narrative as if settlers Jews or ultra orthodox Jews are posing a threat, which is lunatic idea, because in reality, they are anything but a saviors, and I say it as a liberal secular,  they are completely opposite from a threat, the only existential threat are the Arabs, and now also the Africans immigrants